Needle Craft is for Women

Needle Craft is for Women?

Women have been to space, they are heads of states, they are heading companies, and are almost excelling in all the fields that they are entering. ...

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An Introduction about Embroidery

Embroidery: An Introduction

Growing up I liked to do all things different from the rest of my peer group. I disliked when told to do things that a girl should do or learn, but...

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Handmade is cool

Handmade is cool!

There was a time when children used to boast winter wear made by their Naanis, Daadis or their own Mothers and with time this age old tradition of ...

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Women of The Original Knit - The Original Knit

Women of The Original Knit

Women are the driving force of The Original Knit. Many women have been part of our journey since its inception. Kanchan Vaidya, the founder and the power behind the brand is herself a woman. Here's dedicating and expressing gratitude to #WomenOfTOK who have chosen knitting not only as a hobby but also as a profession.

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All About Knitting Part - 2 - The Original Knit

All About Knitting Part - 2

Knitting has been part of the Indian culture for many years and has seen a lot of ups and downs with popularity. It has now become a form of art for everyone especially women who were initially not allowed to acquaint themselves with knitting.

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All About Knitting Part - 1 - The Original Knit

All About Knitting Part - 1

When you hear the knit, the one word that comes to your mind is handmade. Knitting is an art form that has been known for centuries. Very few people take up knitting as a hobby. This blog is to help you get acquainted with this beautiful craft called knitting. Get to know about more knitting here.

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