7 Tips for Beginners in Crochet

7 Tips for Beginners in Crochet

7 Tips for Beginners in Crochet

Crochet is the art of creating fabric with the help of a hook and yarn. It  is a fun pastime activity for yourself. If done correctly crochet has a meditative effect and can help you calm down. Crochet is therapeutic and is a great way to keep your brain engaged in an activity which creates positive energy while doing so. Today, crochet is  recommended as therapy for anxiety, depression, dementia and insomnia. Crochet helps the brain to stay focused and boosts self esteem.It is also a great stress buster. So if you have decided to pick a crochet, you have already made an excellent choice, now all you need is a little bit of patience and some guidance to begin your journey in the World of Crochet.

In this blog we shall try to list down a few essential tips that  beginners in crochet will find helpful to begin their crochet journey.

1. Gathering the Basics: Before starting your crochet project you would need to first gather all the things that would be essential for any crochet project, for your ease here is the list of the same:

    1. Crochet Hook.
    2. Yarn.
    3. Stitch Marker.
    4. Scissors.
    5. Tapestry Needle.
    6. Measuring Tape (if you are planning to make clothing items).

If this list feels daunting to you then you can also buy a DIY Crochet Kit for Beginners, they come packed with all the things that you need to start your project and finish it without any problems.

2. Pick a Simple Project: Spend  some time picking your project, browse through internet websites on crochet, check YouTube videos or look for projects on Pinterest to get an idea of what all is possible. From this information pick a small and a simple project. To begin with, you may like to start with a granny’s square or a small amigurumi doll.

A granny’s square with a simple stitch can be easily completed by beginners, later you can make multiple of them and stitch them together to make a bigger finished project.

Similarly, an amigurumi toy is made with a single crochet stitch which can be gradually mastered in the course of finishing the toy. A finished toy looks adorable and gives immense satisfaction on completion which is essential for a beginner.

3. Stay Calm: Don't expect a masterpiece in your first try itself; it takes time to develop a skill. Expecting a masterpiece in your first go piles on to pressure of performance which eventually leads to frustration and tension. While crochet is supposed to have an opposite effect on you; it is supposed to give you a relaxing effect. Approach your project with a positive and calm mindset without thinking too much about the precision of the stitch or the neatness in the project. Allow yourself to have a learning curve and gradually build your skill, this would help you to reap the meditative and soothing effects of crochet.

4. Be Patient: Do not rush yourself to finish your project. It takes time to create something beautiful so be patient with your project after all ‘Rome was not built in a Day!’ Take regular breaks while working on your project, working on anything for long stretches of time causes fatigue which can have a negative impact on your mind and body. Crochet is a fun activity so be patient with your project and work in short time increments. Allowing you to gradually get used to the craft and building your own crochet rythm.

5. Crochet with Friends or in a Group: Crochet is a great activity to do as a community. If few friends get together and begin their crochet journey together they will be able to bond with each other's crochet journey. They will be able to help each other with the pattern and troubleshoot problems together. Bonding over crochet and strengthening their friendship as they face similar challenges. It would also help if you join a group of experienced crocheters as that way you will be able to get feedback on your work and guidance from the more experienced crocheters.

6. Find the Best Mean to Acquire the Skills: There are so many ways with which you can learn a new skill these days. You could subscribe to a YouTube channel, learn from step by step written instructions, find yourself an online or an in person class or you may pick a DIY Crochet Kit for beginners. These kits come with everything required to start the project along with instructions and some also come with step by step video access to learn the project. Find the medium that best suits you to learn the basic stitches and thereafter, combining them.

7. Have Fun: The entire objective of picking a new hobby is to acquire a new skill while having fun doing so. Hence, enjoy your crochet journey, don't take stress if things are not shaping to your expectations, give yourself time to learn and reap the benefits of crochet.

Now that you are equipped with the most basic knowledge on crochet gear up and get yourself the supplies required to begin your first project.

You may also like to visit TheOriginalKnit.com and pick your favourite crochet project from their DIY Crochet Kits for Beginners. These kits come packed with all the required things as well as gives you access to easy to follow instructions videos. The Original Knit also provides you with chat support to help you if you are stuck somewhere in your project.

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