How soon would a query or concern or complaint be responded?

We usually respond within 2 Business Days. We are open Monday through Saturday.

Where are The Original Knit products made?
The Original Knit products are Made in India, the yarn, buttons and other accessories, exclusively and purposefully. Learn more about us on the About Us page.
Where are you guys located?
We are located in Gurgaon, IN
Is your site secure?
Our site is hosted on Shopify which is the world's leading e-commerce hosting provider. Shopify maintains a secure network, protects cardholder data, maintains a vulnerability program, implements strong access control measures, regularly monitors and tests the network and maintains an information security policy.
What about payment methods on your site?
Credit card, Debit card, UPI, Digital Wallets as well as Net banking.
We also accept Cash on Delivery when the order volumes are low and returns are manageable. Continuance of Cash on Delivery is at our discretion and can be withdrawn at any time without any notice.
What happens when I order something and you are unable to ship it?
On rare occasions, an item may not be available and if it were to ever occur we will contact you and provide you with reasonable options including a full refund. We will not entertain any request for any compensation or discounts whatsoever.  
When will my order be shipped?
We strive to ship all orders within 2 business days. The transit time is usually 3-4 business days. For packages delayed beyond 9 calendar days, we will assist you with reasonable options.
For any questions or concerns please reach us at tok@theriginalknit.com