Seven Winter Essentials that you need to buy for your Baby

Seven Winter Essentials that you need to buy for your Baby

Seven Winter Essentials that you need to buy for your Baby

Winter is now almost at the threshold and any moment now the weather will take a chilly turn. This is the right time to stock all the woolen  essentials for your baby to keep them warm and protected in harsh winter weather. To help you with your shopping list we have consolidated a list of essentials that all the experienced mothers would agree with.

1. Woolen Vest:  A woolen vest is a small sleeveless sweater worn above the cotton vest. It helps in creating the extra layer for the baby as well as protects the chest from the harsh weather. All experienced mothers and grandmothers say, it's important to  keep the chest covered in the winters.

These generally come in white or off white colours and are quite basic to look at as these are used as innerwear.  I feel it's a good idea to invest in at least three of them so you can use them interchangeably and take care of accidents and spillages. I had five of those for my baby as I changed them daily also, in winters clothes don't dry easily so I had backups.

2. Sweaters: The most obvious choice is, sweaters. The more the merrier! You should buy at least five to seven sweaters as they form the outermost layer of your baby’s clothing, they are more susceptible  to get spoiled or dirty. I would suggest getting a mix of sleeveless and sleeved sweaters for various progression of winters. Sweaters generally come with matching caps and booties which complete your baby’s look and make them look adorable while at the same time protect them from the extreme weather.

3. Leggings: Leggings are quite an underrated piece of clothing is what I believe.  Leggings are a great way of keeping your child warm and protected during the winters. Their snug fitting ensures that the child is comfortable and warm at the same time. The band at the end of the leggings ensures that they don't slide up while playing or during other movements thus ensuring warmth at all times. During peak winters in Delhi, I used to layer cotton leggings with woolen pajamas or pants for increased protection.

4. Caps And Socks: My Nani (Grandmother for non Indian Audience) used to say that babies catch cold from their feet, head or chest since we have already covered chest in our first point we shall address the other two in this one. Buy socks and lots of them, from my experience at least two pairs of socks are needed daily in winters.  You can also layer cotton socks with booties in extreme weather conditions. DO NOT! I stress do not take your baby outdoors without a head gear. Buy a couple of cute woolen caps with nice pom-pom on top to protect your baby from the winter breeze. While using a cap make sure it covers your baby’s ears especially when you are outdoors.

5. Baby Blankets: Though baby blankets are not a piece of clothing that your baby will wear, it's a great way of keeping a baby in arms warm and snug. They are extremely useful when taking your baby outdoors as well. You can wrap your baby in a cozy blanket or simply put it on top of the baby when in their buggy. Baby blankets are a great way of layering a baby during sleep time.

6. Mittens and Gloves: Mittens and gloves are the only means with which you can keep your baby’s hands warm. Though mittens are great for babies, I used to find mittens with thumb really very useful till my child was two and then graduated to gloves.

7. Jackets: If for any reason you cannot avoid traveling during the winters then it would be wise to invest in a jacket to provide that extra layer of protection. Since these jackets are rarely used it is advised that you buy them in a bigger size as that would encompass all the layers within as well as last for more than one season. For babies in arms you can also buy a quilted cover which will keep your baby snug and warm outdoors.

Hope you found this information useful. You can now get ready for the oncoming winters. Keep your baby warm and protected in the harsh winters.Ensure that you dress them up in layers. One parting bit of advice: invest in a good moisturizer as well to keep your baby’s skin nourished, soft and supple.

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