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Ready, Get, Set, Go Knit!

Ready, Get, Set, Go Knit!

So you have decided to do something creative and make a project with your own hands? For a long time now,  knitting has been luring you and finally you have decided to plunge yourself in the knitting world but would like to brush up your basics before you start with a project of your choice then you might find this article quite useful.

Let’s begin with the basics. First thing first you need to decide the project that you want to start with and the knitting pattern, if you are a beginner then try to keep it simple. Once you have decided on your project there will be a list of tools that you would need to give shape to your project. Here is a list of these tools to help you get started:

1. Yarn: Yarn is the first thing that you will need to acquire, after all that is how you will create a fabric. Yarn comes in various varieties and you need to select it carefully based on your project and the final appearance of your garment. Things that you would like to consider while picking a yarn is the type of material it is made of; broadly yarn is made of natural materials like cotton, wool, and silk, or synthetic materials such as acrylic, polyester and nylon.

Touch and feel the yarn and take a decision basis your project and needs. The next thing you should keep in mind is the thickness of the yarn. Yarn can be super fine, fine, light, medium, bulky, super bulky and jumbo. Based on the project and the texture that you intend to have for the finished garment, pick the yarn accordingly. The final consideration for picking the yarn is how much yarn will be required for creating your project.

If you are a beginner take help from the shopkeeper normally their suggestions and advice is quite reliable. It is always a good idea to buy a little more than required to take care of mistakes. Sometimes the yarn can be in demand and you may not find it again if you need more for your project.

2. Needles: Knitting needles is the next obvious thing that you would require to start your project. Knitting needles come in various thicknesses and are numbered based on their thickness. Almost all yarns come with labels that suggest which size needle you should pick for your project. Selection of needles is also based on the type of garment you are knitting.

The most widely used needles are straight needles; they come in pairs with a needle point at one end and a stopper at the other. They are used for flat knitting. If you want to create a seamless knitted tube like a sock then your best choice will be circular needles. These needles consist of two straight needles connected with a flexible cable in between, the cable is used to hold your stitches. For knitting rounds like round necks on the garment you will need double pointed needles, as the name suggests they come with points at both the ends.

3. Tapestry Needles: Tapestry needle is normally a large eyed blunt needle used to weave in the yarn ends at the finish of your project. They are also used to sew the front and back sides of handmade sweaters. You can choose from a straight or a bent tip based on your requirement and preference.

4. Stitch Holder: A stitch holder is used to hold stitches when they are not on the needles. When a piece of your project needs to be split into sections, a stitch holder can securely hold these stitches for later use. These stitches are usually replaced back onto a needle for further knitting. Often shoulder stitches are put onto a stitch holder, before they are seamed to the main body of a sweater. These stitch holders often look like big safety pins but without their head.

5. Scissors or Yarn Cutters: You will need a sharp pair of scissors to cut your yarn, ideally a small pair that would fit in your project bag. You could also use a yarn cutter which is designed in such a way that it will keep your fingers protected from cutting. They are also compact which makes them easy to carry.

Once you have acquired these basic tools you are ready to kickstart your project. Most of these tools can be reused in your other knitting projects. So get ready and start with your project. Happy Knitting!

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