Needle Craft is for Women

Needle Craft is for Women?

Needle Craft is for Women?

Women have been to space, they are heads of states, they are heading companies, and are almost excelling in all the fields that they are entering. While men still think it’s not macho enough to pick a needle craft. Yes, I agree men have also come a long way they have started to help around in the household chores, they cook, change a diaper once in a while, give fashion advice to their daughters or sisters but they still have not been able to break the shackles of their masculinity when it comes to picking up a needle craft as their hobby.

Needle crafts like knitting, crochet and embroidery are still considered to be a women’s only paradise. When a boy picks up a needle craft he is still ridiculed by his peer group. Isn’t it time to break this myth and get away from these stereotypes?

In this article we would like to list down a few facts about needle craft that might help the next generation to break this barrier of ‘Needle craft is only for Women’.

  1. Needle Crafts are Therapeutic : Did you know that both knitting and embroidery were used as therapy for injured soldiers in the World War? These crafts helped soldiers to come out of the shock of the war, they were used for physical rehabilitation, to improve dexterity of the fingers  and overcome post traumatic stress disorder. In fact today, even crochet is recommended for PTSD.Needle crafts are recommended today as therapy for addictions, stress and depression. The repetitive action in these crafts have a calming effect on the brain and the effects are equivalent to meditation.
  1. Gives boost to Cognitive Function: Both knitting and crochet can strengthen and challenge our brain through the repetition of the stitches and patterns in a project. This helps in creating neural pathways which helps with memory and reduce cognitive decline with age. Embroidery gives a boost to our creativity and helps with anxiety. In fact studies have shown that when you are doing these activities then most of your brain functions are involved in doing the same.
  1. Gives boost to Self Esteem : All needle crafts require you to create something with your own two hands thus the level of satisfaction you get on completion of the project is high which in turn gives a boost to your self esteem.
  1. Improves Fine Motor Skills: These crafts require you to focus on the project and repeat stitches in a pattern which improves hand eye coordination and thereby resulting in improved motor skills both in adults and children.
  1. Screen Free Engagement: Today when screens have become so portable that almost every age is struggling to keep it away. Needle crafts provide hours of screen free engagement as you are completely focused on your project in hand.

Clearly needle crafts have immense benefits; they are used as means of self expression and provide a great creative outlet for individuals. Then why should only women reap these benefits? Men have a lot of ground to cover to catch-up with the women. It is time they also pick up a needle of their choice to begin with a hobby which is equally exhilarating as sports.

Needle crafts

It’s time that we break the gender barriers and stigma associated with boys picking up a needle craft as mental well-being is everybody’s right. So come on boys break the shackles of your masculinity and get yourself a needle project.

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