An Introduction about Embroidery

Embroidery: An Introduction

Embroidery: An Introduction

Growing up I liked to do all things different from the rest of my peer group. I disliked when told to do things that a girl should do or learn, but one thing that I did learn was the age old craft of embroidery and I’m glad I learnt it. Today at least a few things have changed and picking up a needle craft is just not a girls’ thing to do   (that’s what I would like to believe).

Anyways going back to my embroidery story, embroidery was introduced to us in school as part of our SUPW (I don’t remember what the full form of SUPW was but I do remember the full form that we created and would not like to mention on the blog…).

This one craft I used on several occasions we (my sister and I) made table mats and napkins for our parents' anniversary ( which we never used cause they were too precious!), we embroidered several handkerchieves and used the craft profusely to decorate our dolls' dresses.

Then when I was pregnant and wanted to have one thing for my child made by me I thought of embroidery. I got five plain white frocks stitched for my baby and then embroidered them myself and every time my baby wore one of those frocks it just made our bond even more special.

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials with thread or yarn, pulled through or stitched with the help of a needle. To all probabilities initial forms of embroidery were used to stitch fabric or mend it and later on the craft graduated to using it for decorative purposes. Like knitting and crochet, embroidery has also traveled through the world and countries have different forms and styles of embroidery unique to them.

On the outset embroidery has few basic stitches which are widely used; these are running stitch, cross stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch and french knot. Most embroidery work is done using these stitches or combination of these stitches.

Embroidery design

Embroidery is used as means of self expression through various small art projects displayed proudly on home walls. It is used to add magic on an otherwise plain and bland looking clothing. It can be seen in decorating home furnishings like cushion covers, bed sheets, bed covers, table mats and so on. You can also find beautiful tapestry pieces purely done using embroidery. There are endless things that you can create using embroidery.

Benefits of Hand Embroidery

  1. Boosts Creativity: Embroidery as mentioned before is used as means of self- expression and in such art forms creativity of a  person is at its peak. The colours, the design, the pattern and the combination of stitches all combined together makes that perfect looking project worthy of your wall. These decisions help boost the creativity of the person crafting that project.
  1. Enhances Self Esteem:Like all other needle crafts embroidery also, is done by hands and when you make something with your own hands then on completion of the project you get immense satisfaction which in turn leads to enhanced self esteem.
  1. Screen Free Time:Embroidery is an engaging activity you can work for hours on your project without feeling bored. All the hours spent doing embroidery are the hours taken away from a screen which has become quite a need for today for all age groups.
  1. Improves Concentration: Embroidery requires that you focus completely on your project in hand. The stitches once you get the hang of it are easy but while creating your pattern you need to be completely focused on your project ensuring that you don’t commit a mistake. This in turn leads to a better concentration ability of the individual and keeps the brain sharp.
  1. Improves Fine Motor Skills: Embroidery involves holding a needle and threading it through a tiny hole while making a pattern. The repetitive nature of the stitch creates neural paths resulting in better hand and eye coordination and improved fine motor skills.

With so many benefits embroidery with your own hands is making a big comeback in our era. There are now such interesting ideas for this craft on Pinterest and Instagram that it’s hard to resist from creating something yourself.

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