Knitting Vs Crochet

A Tale of Two Sisters : Knitting Vs Crochet

A Tale of Two Sisters : Knitting Vs Crochet

This is a story of two sisters who have traveled across the world, making an impact in almost every country they went to and are truly the global citizens of the world. Both Knitting and Crochet are needle crafts with origins unknown yet every country has their own distinguished patterns and styles in both the crafts. Both these crafts use yarn to create fabric.Both can be used for making a variety of projects from making garments to home decor. Both have a relaxing effect and are great stress busters.The similarities between both knitting and crochet are far too many  but an expert eye can clearly distinguish the difference between the two.

This article is an attempt to draw differences between these two needle crafts in order for you to be able to distinguish between the two and maybe, help you to decide which craft to pick for your next project. Here are few differences between the two:

1. Based on Technique: Both crafts involve pulling yarn through loops to create stitches. However, the stitching techniques involved in each craft are completely different. In knitting, you hold one needle in each hand and create a series of loops on the needles. These loops hang on the needle and are transferred from one needle to the other, loop by loop while pulling the yarn all along. This process is repeated to create rows of stitches that make up the knitted fabric.

At any given time, there are several active stitches on the needles. In crochet, you hold a hook in one hand and create a series of loops directly onto the item you’re crocheting, by inserting the hook into different areas of the fabric and pulling the yarn through.The loops are created one at a time, and they’re more like knots than stitches. Each loop is closed as you progress in your project ensuring that you are left with no loops hanging.

2. Based on Tools: Knitting always uses two needles to create stitches, while crochet always uses a single hook. Knitting needles come in different types and multiple sizes, while crochet hooks only come in multiple sizes. Other than that, knitting also requires tools to transfer the loops into as there are multiple loops to handle at any given point. While crocheting does not require any such additional tools as each stitch is closed as you progress in your project.

3. Based on Fabric Produced: Knitting creates a soft, flexible fabric that’s better suited for close-fitting clothing like sweaters, socks, scarves, baby clothes, dresses, and gloves. Crocheted fabric is denser and sturdier than knitted fabric. This makes it better for strong three-dimensional shapes and patterns like amigurumi toys, blankets, beanies, baby booties and bags. You can also create motifs, lacework, and other free-form designs with crochet – all of which is quite difficult to do in knitting. You can create motifs with crochet and use it to accessorize a plain looking sweater or any other hand knit clothes.

based on fabrics

4. Based on Ease of Use: Knitting involves handling two needles together and multiple loops at the same time which can be daunting for beginners. While crochet involves one hook only and loops are closed as you progress in your design hence its less complex. It is easier to fix your mistakes in crochet while in case of knitting the same is not that simple. Knitting a huge project like a blanket may become a huge task as the product can become bulky and more difficult to carry on with. While with crochet it's simpler as you don't have the project dangling on your needles. Also, the same can be achieved by breaking down the project into smaller pieces and then combining them together in the end like with Granny Squares.

5. Based on Stitch and Pattern: Knitting stitches resemble a “V” shape, while crochet stitches resemble small knots. There are two basic stitches in knitting while there are five different types of stitches in crochet.  You can easily combine the two stitches of knitting in various combinations to create a plethora of designs and patterns while the same is not that simple in crochet.

6. Based on Penetration of Machines: Knitting patterns have been replicated by machines and are now widely used to mass produce knitwear while crochet is still a hand made craft.

Both knitting and crochet have their learning curves and as you progress in the craft you will attain that expertise required to master the craft. They are both equally relaxing and challenging at the same time. On completion of a project you get the same kind of satisfaction in both the crafts. So there's no debate on which craft is better; the decision on which craft to pick is completely based on the complexities of your project.

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