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The Right Way To Choose Winter Clothes For Your Baby

The Right Way To Choose Winter Clothes For Your Baby

Babies require a lot of clothing when they are born. Newborn babies have a weak immune system and are prone to feel cold very quickly. They require comfortable and cosy clothing that will keep them warm throughout the day. Even the slightest clothing discomfort can cause your baby to be irritable and you will keep on wondering why your baby is crying all the time.

There are a variety of places where you can buy clothing for your baby, like clothing stores and online websites. There are numerous clothing options available for you but always remember - comfort trumps style. We understand how difficult yet important this is, hence we are giving you some tips that we think are the right way to choose clothes for your baby.

Here are some points that should always consider:

  • Safety
  • Why safety you must think? Babies are very fidgety. Try to buy clothes that do not have any embellishments, for example, anything small like buttons, bows, etc. that your baby can put in the mouth. These cause choking risks which should be avoided. Try to opt for buying clothes with no toxic colours, paints or materials used.

  • Comfort
  • Comfort is of the utmost importance when you think of buying clothes for your baby as you do for yourself. When buying clothes online for your baby, you need to check the material it is made of. The Original Knit is made of the softest wool that will keep your baby comfy and warm as well.

  • Size
  • When it comes to clothing for babies, every brand varies in the sizes offered. You need to buy clothes for your baby as per their age and weight. Always try to buy a size bigger as babies outgrow their clothes very fast and the clothes can fit the baby well even after a few months. Even while shopping for your baby’s clothing online, always check for age and weight. To make your baby clothing buying easy and faster, we have segregated our collection as per categories and age months.

  • Washable
  • Your baby will require a change of clothes very often either due to diaper blow out or spit-up. Also, if there are regular changes, you might opt for machine wash which will surely save your efforts and time that hand washing will take. The Original Knit baby knitwear is recommended for machine washing. Do not fret, the colour will not fade after several washes.

  • Easy to wear
  • Dressing up a newborn baby can be a difficult task. You need clothes that are easy to put on your baby as well as easy to remove. The type of clothes you can use are:

    • Wide necks that make it easy to remove and keep your baby calm
    • Onesies or clothing sets with a zipper or buttons for easy removal. 
    • Sweater and Pant sets that facilitate easy change of diapers at regular intervals
    • Loose sleeves that can be put on and removed easily, plus allowing the baby to move.

  • Dress according to weather conditions
  • When you are about to choose your baby's clothing on any particular day, go as per the weather. If it is cold outside, add a little extra layering with a handmade crochet / knitted sweater or baby blanket/ sleeping bag and cover the baby’s head with a handmade warm beanie. If it is warm, a single layer of clothing should suffice. A parent needs to make their judgement on it.

    Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right clothes for your baby. It is not an easy task, but The Original Knit strives to make it easier for you. We have a bunch of products you can choose from:


    Socks, Caps and Mittens



    The Original Knit has all products under the above categories being handmade by mothers themselves. The hill women in Himachal and the foothills of Punjab have joined hands to knit and crochet clothing for your baby with love. You can know the story of one of The Original Knit’s crocheters here.

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