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How To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters

How To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters


The winter season finally dawns upon us. It is the season where everyone needs to get their hands on some winter knitted/ crochet wear to stay warm. Even your baby requires protection from the cold with proper winter wear and the warmth of handmade is unparalleled.

So here we are sharing some useful tips for keeping your baby safe and comfortable from the winter chills!


Layering for Warmth 

If you have a baby under the age of two years, remember that they cannot regulate their body temperatures by themselves. They need regulation from the outside, i.e. through proper external layering by the winter wear. Socks, booties, gloves, and cosy fitting caps with jaw lashes also help your infant remain warm. 


Warmth at Night

Babies that sleep well at night are happy when they get up. Sleep is essential for them as it helps with the temperature of their body. For this reason, babies require warmth in the night when the temperatures drop drastically. If you want to check if your baby is cold and comfortable, the below test is what we would recommend.


The Toes, Tummy, and Back Test 

How much is too much layering? If you are not sure about the number of layers of clothes that are the ideal for the baby, try the toes, tummy, and back test. Your first move should be to feel the toes and belly of your baby. If the toes and belly feel cold, you need to dress your baby in winter wear for the night. A light sweater and socks are the best nightwear for your baby during winters. Avoid covering your baby’s head at night as it could cause overheating, which is not conducive for the baby.

Also note, if you have already dressed your baby and you feel the baby looks flushed, toes are warm and has a sweaty belly, it means the baby is overdressed and your baby is feeling hot. You should immediately remove one layer of winter clothing from your baby. The aim is to keep checking on your baby and let them be comfortable and warm in the winter nights.


Dressing the baby for the outdoors

Are you planning to take your baby out for a stroll? Do not forget to provide a proper layering to your baby as it is essential during winters. 

Are you still not sure how much layering would be adequate? Here is an easy rule for you to understand the amount of layering is enough for your baby. It states that the baby should always be wearing one extra layer of clothing than you are. 

You need to dress your baby in a soft and breathable fabric. Do not forget the hat while going outdoors as babies tend to lose heat sooner from their heads. It is an essential winter clothing for the baby. You also need to check the winter clothes for your baby are dry, as even a little dampness in the clothes can lead to hyperthermia.

Here is an extra tip for you - While layering, remember that the stroller also accounts as a layer. It is because the covers keep the baby’s body heat trapped. It is preferable to always carry a baby blanket with you when you are going out. It can act as an extra layer if your baby needs to be warmer.


Inside? Layers off

We discussed how to keep your baby comfortable, cosy and warm for the outdoors, now let’s discuss how to keep your baby warm while indoors. After you get inside the house, pull out a couple of layers and check your baby’s temperature prior. If you feel the need, then only add on a layer.

Dressing infants warm for winter generally is not that troublesome. For a first time parent, you need to experiment and discover the number of layers your baby needs to be cosy and comfortable during the winter season. We have given you some pointers that will help you dress your baby the right way.

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