Gift Hampers/ Gift Boxes For The New Born Baby - The Original Knit

Gift Hampers/ Gift Boxes For The New Born Baby

Gift Hampers/ Gift Boxes For The New Born Baby

Handmade with Love!


So you know a new parent but don’t know what to gift them? Well, this blog will surely help you find an apt gift. New parents are overwhelmed with the birth of their new baby. This also means that they are now devoted to taking care and the well-being of their baby.

New moms and dads are the most selfless people, who are ready to pour their heart out on their little one. It also marks a time where they cannot find enough time for themselves as well. At such occasions, giving them gifts is the best way to help them out. 

Here’s a list of things you can gift the newborn baby through their parents which will be unique, apt and useful::

  1. Accessories 
  2. Car Seat
  3. Baby Utensils
  4. Baby Toys
  5. Baby Clothes
  6. Pillows

Let’s elaborate a bit further:

  • 1. Accessories

  • Every new parent will need a bunch of accessories to take care of the baby. If you are looking to gift something, you can give baby diapers and wipes which are needed regularly. Many brands have come up with hampers that have the essentials like baby lotion, baby powder etc as well. These turn out to be good gifts as baby’s need proper moisturisation and massage as well. Be sure if it’s a gift, go with a trusted brand with best reviews. You can also go in for sleep sacks, baby blankets, crib sheets, etc.

    2. Car Seat

    If you live in India, you should invest in a car seat. People occasionally prefer to make the baby sit on the lap. It is always better to travel with your baby safely strapped in a car seat. It is a good investment and turns out to be one of the resourceful gifts that should not be overlooked. Safety always comes first!

    3. Baby Utensils

    Every parent knows feeding bottles and baby utensils are so very essential. These items are used on a constant basis and need to be sterilized every time before use. Gifting a pair of any type of utensils for the baby is a beneficial gift for every new parent.

    4. Baby toys

    Want to effectively distract your baby? That’s what toys are for. Give a baby a toy and they are happy! Soft toys with fewer embellishments (as they can be hazardous) are the perfect type of toy you can give a gift. Keep it simple. The Original Knit has recently launched a new range of baby toys that are hand knitted with love. They are extremely soft, and we are sure these toys will be loved by all babies. Are you planning to buy it? Have a look here.

    5. Baby Clothes

    The newborn baby requires a lot of clothing change throughout the day. The reason being spit-ups or blowouts. Gifting baby clothes for the newborn is always a great gift which will be useful for the parents. You can give baby clothes as a gift that can be used a few months down the line. But do remember to get your hands on machine washable and durable clothing for the baby.

    Want to present clothes for the baby to new parents? It is the best gifting choice because it's a necessity and you will get a lot of options. The Original Knit has various products as per the below categories:


    Socks, Caps and Mittens.

    Sweater Sets 


    All the clothing products for the baby are handmade by mothers itself. The materials used are soft, safe and non-toxic for the baby.

    6. Pillows

    Pillows are used around the baby for extra support. There are many options to look at, but you can select knitted pillows from The Original Knit. These newly launched products are cute and make for the perfect gift. These pillows are animal-shaped and come in different colors. The other benefit - you can later also use these pillows to educate your baby about animals. Pillows also help to keep the temperature around the baby head maintained at all times. Get yours now!

    Hope this list helps you give a gift to anyone you know is a new parent targeted towards their bundle of joy. Whatever items we have listed, will surely help the new parents in some ways.

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