Beginner's Crochet Kit- Granny Square

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saraswathi ra
Tutorial video not clear.

The materials are okay. but the tutorial video is not clear. its very fast, not begginer friendly. Only if you know all the crochet stitches earlier can follow through the tutorial videos.

Sandhya Nair
Granny Square

Just like your promotion promises, it's a fruitful activity and your kit makes it possible to begin with better understanding and the right advice and devices. Thank you

Manna Valiathan

Too fast and complicated for a beginner like me

Amruta Gadre

Beginner's Crochet Kit- Granny Square

Divya Kumari

A ‘bag full of possibilities’ as the name of their bag suggests The original knit surely gives you immense possibilities and hope for passion of crochet. If I tell you as a beginner who didn’t have any prior knowledge of stitches and patterns was able to create beautiful honey bee project in just two days I am sure anyone will be surprised, but yes with crisp, informative and detailed tutorials, materials in hand as well as virtual support I was able to easily weave amazing creation which not only taught me intricacies of crochet without any hitch but also made me confident to create more in future. Today, not only me but also my family is so happy and proud that I was able to pursue my hobby through valuable platform, all thanks to The original knit! So what are you waiting for choose and grab among their cute DIY crochet kit for beginners and knit your dream into reality.

A perfect gift for anyone and everyone who want to experience the calm and happiness that a hobby brings :) Stay focussed, stay calm and experience the love that goes into handmade!!

A great way to introduce crochet  is to start with granny square, this is highly recommended for 6+ age group. It will help them focus and concentrate In the longer term, it will teach them maths! Yep, even the basic granny square will teach them basic maths. From a square has 4 sides to counting stitches and rounds.It will also enhance the hand eye coordination and motor skills

Can I really learn how to crochet from these kits?

Of course you can, as they say where there is a will there's a way :) and you can be next! Just follow the step-by-step video tutorials that come with each learn-to-crochet kit. 

What’s included

  • Step-by-step video tutorials for making granny square 
  • Yarn- Of required colour for making 4 granny squares
  • Unlimited help over e-mail, plus virtual crochet office hours
  • Tapestry needle 
  • Crochet hook 

Skill level
Beginner, recommended for ages 6+