How To Dress A Newborn Baby In Winter

How To Dress A Newborn Baby In Winter

How To Dress A Newborn Baby In Winter

Newborns are sensitive to change in seasons. They feel more cold than an adult. The change in environment from inside the womb to outside the womb is a bit difficult to adjust for them. Once they are out they are supposed to be taken care of. They are delicate little angels who want to stay under your protection. Winter came with a lot of allergies and diseases. It is important to protect them from the cold and keep them safe. Original Knit has different clothes that will protect them from cold.

How to know they are feeling cold? 

It is hard for new parents to detect a baby's needs. They are unable to tell if they are freezing, hungry, tired or sick. Only thing they can do is cry for their needs. Kids should be monitored properly so that parents understand their needs and act before they get sick. Here are some signs to detect if your baby is freezing.

  • Check hand and feet

Heat escapes quickly through exposed parts of the body like hands and feet. If their hands and feet are extremely cool then you should put an extra layer to keep them warm. If they are still cold then check their back and neck to see if they're chilly. These  methods work best when the baby is sleeping.

  • Skin colour

When a baby feels cold the colour of skin turns paler than normal. If they are being the target and enacted then you should wrap them up slowly with blankets.

  • Abnormally fussy

Babies cannot understand how to convey their feelings. In the early stages they act fussy and get irritated. You try to calm them with whatever they need but they still keep fussing even if everything is totally fine.

  • Act quiet and still

When you don't feel well you don't want to participate in any activities in order to feel lethargic. This is the sign of hypothermia in infants where the baby's body cannot maintain a proper heat at a point. 

  • Sneezing

This is a solid sign that they are cold. Sneezing response is controlled by the hypothalamus that controls the temperature of the body. You should never ignore when babies are sneezing. It's not necessary that they are infected with the flu virus. Sometimes they sneeze because they are cold.

How to dress them in winter ?

For newborns winter is crazy. Dressing baby for winter is a difficult task for new parents. Babies need fresh air but it is dangerous to go outdoors in the cold. Parents should follow some precautions to dress up their little ones appropriately according to the weather.

  • Layering is caring

Layering clothes will prevent heat from the body. You should layer in an inner way so that you can take off the layer when kids are feeling hot. You can snug a cotton bodysuit to prevent allergic reaction from warm clothes then a warm suit then a long sleeve shirt or pants then a jacket. Complete the look with socks, mittens and a hat that will keep your hand, feet and head warm.

  • Carry a coat and blanket while you go out.

An extra coat will protect your kids when the weather gets sudden chill. Blanket is necessary to cover them when they sleep. Carrying extra pairs of booties, mittens and hats will keep you prepared for unwanted situations.

  • No coat in the car 

you should take off the baby court in the car. The car is packed in and is not much colder than outside. The puppy coat can protect the baby from cold but it will provide too much material between baby and seat belt. It can leave a big gap between the harness and the child that can cause injury during a crash. You should put the baby in the seat and then layer it with a blanket. You can use a blanket and remove it once the car is warm this will avoid overheating the baby in the car.

  • Observe signs of overheating

You should avoid kids going out in extreme freezing temperatures unless it's necessary. Sometimes babies are over stuffed with clothes that can cause overheating in babies. If the baby's skin is warm face is getting red and he is acting fussy, probably he is overheated but if his skin is cold and his eyes are teary you need to put on more layers.

Winter is tough for babies but with proper care in dressing you can make winter joyful for them. Original Knit has range of baby dresses for winter which includes crochet baby sweater baby frock baby socks baby booties baby mittens, unisex dresses, blanket and many more. With these cute little dresses you can make your baby winter colourful and safe.

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