All About Knitting Part - 2 - The Original Knit

All About Knitting Part - 2

All About Knitting Part - 2

Knitting has been part of the Indian culture for many years and has seen a lot of ups and downs with popularity. It has now become a form of art for everyone especially women who were initially not allowed to acquaint themselves with knitting.

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Every kid has a certain memory where their grandmother must have given them something special which was knit by themselves.  Knitting was actually introduced in India by the British. Knitting was also called ‘jorab-bunnana’ as in the 1900s, girls would knit socks also called ‘jorab’.

Hear how Kanchan Vaidya, founder of The Original Knit was introduced to knitting. See her story here.

Kanchan started to tie up with women from her hometown and the northern parts of India. Starting off with a handful, she has now gathered more than 350+ women who make handmade baby clothing. The Original Knit also introduced a new collection of toys and cushions in soft wool with different colours, patterns, and designs.

All the products that you see on The Original Knit’s website are handmade. Here is a sneak peek into all the products:

Check out the new hair accessories for your baby

The new and toy collection for any age


New Animal cushions to keep your baby comfortable

Baby clothing collection suitable for baby shoots

The Original Knit has just launched the Gift Hamper set as well.

The hamper includes

  • Sweater
  • Socks
  • Cap
  • Blanket

What started off as a home business has grown into a global business. Stay tuned with us on our social media platforms for the latest updates, launches and contests.

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